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I have been writing stories and poems with great enthusiasm and joy mostly as a child. These stories and poems really touched people’s hearts so I understood that this was a gift that I could develop. A medium who channeled a huge angel of light close to me told me that I will write books that are blessed by angels and will touch many hearts and help people open up their hearts for unconditional love and compassion for humans, nature and animals.

My first book that I participated in is a multi-author book, a best selling book,  called ”Awakening- meet the women birthing a new earth”. I wrote one chapter in this book, the chapter is about the importance of connecting with, respecting and loving nature and animals and how crucial it is for parents to teach this to their children. You can buy the book on amazon.com. 

My second book that I participated in is also a multi-author book called "Stormborn".  In this book I wrote about my challenges in this life , the origins of theses challenges from past lives, and how  these challenges affected my life. I also wrote about how I overcame these challenges. You can buy the book on amazon.com. 

I channel animals, dolphins and whales and will write books with them. My first book is on its way and I am so excited. The dolphins and whales possess such great wisdom and are connected to mother earth as well as the universe. They can teach us to connect with our essence, mother earth and the universe, to live a life of balance, peace, joy, oneness, compassion and unconditional love. They are the masters of the sea, the angels of the sea.

As an example here is a channeling from the dolphins, see below.


Entering new dimensions, channeling from the dolphins


Inspire magazine

I am so proud and honored to be a columnist for the amazing Inspire magazine. In my first column I shared about the importance of following your hearts longings and your dreams and the dreams that are dreamt from your heart.

In the September issue 2021, there was also a big article about me and my work.

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