Swimming with wild dolphins -retreats

 Do you want to fulfill your dream about connecting and swimming with wild dolphins,

heart to heart, soul to soul? 

Spiritual Sessions - also available on line

 I offer four different sessions: 

 Delphi healing

 Animal communication and healing

 Spiritual guidance with oracle cards

 Shaman drum session

Songs, guided meditations and parenting

 I channel songs from nature and animals. 

 I create and offer guided meditations with nature, animals, spirit guides, and animal and nature spirits. 

I am a parenting course leader and offer family retreats to the Azores where you will connect with and swim with wild dolphins. 

Co-author of the book: Awakening - meet the women birthing a new earth

The first book that I participated in as a co-writer is called Awakering - meet the women birthing a new earth. I wrote one chapter in this book. The chapter is about the importance of connecting with, respecting and loving nature and animals. 

I believe that it is very crucial for parents to teach this to their children.

Read more about the book and my next book and how you can get a copy in the section " Biography and author".